Visa expert for easy family transfer to destination country

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May 25, 2017

Visa expert for easy family transfer to destination country

Visa expert for easy family transfer to destination country

Everyone wants to live with their family no matter in which part of the world they are going to live, family should be together. Family reunion shows basic needs for positive result of the integration process in the social and working lives of foreign people. Family visa can be applied by people possessing a residence permit with a validity of minimum 12 months or those who have applied for the renewal of a permit granted for employed or self-employed work or for study or different family reasons. Entry visa are applied by people living in a target country by submitting the application for family reunion at the immigration department by applying online.

The basic procedure for granting entry visa needs the following:

a. House accompanied with whole needs and has house suitability certificate that is issued by Municipality Corporation of the area in the target country. If a person is applying for reunion conducted by third party, they should also include the statement of the apartment owner.
b. People applying for family reunion should also show the proof of minimum annual income and now lower than annual amount of the social expenditures for every family member required to be reunified.

There are several other similar requirements that a family visa expert will discuss with you in detail to shift your family in the country where you have moved.

Helping a family member such as spouse, fiancé, kids, parents, brother or sister to become a permanent resident in the destined country for example US includes almost the similar procedure. It may appear easy but there are several nuances in every kind of family based visa allowance so you should listen to your immigration consultant carefully to collect the required documents.

• Your immigrant visa application must be approved by US citizenship and immigration department. The application should contain proof of relationship and other essential documentation to start the family immigration process.
• Immigrant visa number availability is checked for a foreign nation following the type of visa applied for to determine if that person already lives in US. If yes, additional procedure is conducted.

If you are planning to bring your family or parents with you, you can apply a dependent visa for them. By following some criteria set for family shift, you can move a step ahead with your decision. Understanding your concern to bring your family to a destination country, a family visa expert helps you in the whole process from consultation to the issuance of dependent visa.

Choose a registered immigration consultant for family visa advice and process that is authorized to conduct the immigration processes. A reputed consultant has spent years in offering this service with a legal authorization has never been involved in any illicit activities. Visa charges depend on type of your application such as new visa, renewal, visa transfer and more. The fees taken by consultant are fully as per the rules mentioned by Indian government’s procedures for these services. They are responsible for handling the whole activity and hence you can relax after fulfilling the documentation requirements.

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