Types of Tourist visa for different purposes of stay in destination country

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May 25, 2017
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May 25, 2017

Types of Tourist visa for different purposes of stay in destination country

Types of Tourist visa for different purposes of stay in destination country

Tourist visa gives you a conditional allowance to visit the country for a temporarily basis. It includes duration limits to stay in the intended country such as countries you can enter, dates of entry, count of allowed visits or your right to work in country. The tourist visa issued by an immigration department gives you an entry permission that starts from the time mentioned in your visa.

Unlike to earlier when a person was granted by an immigration person upon arrival in the country, in the modern time, you have to apply for tourist visa in advance of your trip. You can apply through mail or online or can personally meet the immigration consultant. Although tourist visa is a crucial symbol of validation for permitted entry, some countries do not ask for it for short term visits. Whilst some countries ask their citizens and foreign tourists to receive an exit visa to get permission to leave the country, in some cases, countries have agreements with other nations to allow their tourists to travel in them without the need of tourist visa.

Types of Tourist Visa

Every country often has made diverse types of visas under different names such as:

Transit visas: These visas are valid for limited periods for example a few hours to ten days following the country size and conditions of a specific transit loop.

Temporary stay or visitor visa: Several countries differentiate these visas with different reasons for example:

• Private Visa for private visits through invitation from locals of destined country
• Tourist visa for a short period for pleasure
• Visa for medical purpose to receive a medical treatment in the target country’s hospitals
• Business visa to join a commercial activity in the destination country. This type of visa is different from employment visa.
• Working holiday visa- It is for people who are travelling in a country to promote a working holiday scheme allowing young people to undertake temporary work while travelling.
• Athletic visa- It is allowed to sports persons and artists who have taken part in games, concerts and other events.

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