Process of study visa application and how to make it successful

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May 25, 2017
Pre-requisites for student visa in foreign countries
May 25, 2017

Process of study visa application and how to make it successful

Process of study visa application and how to make it successful.

While earning the essential grades, creating an application essay and getting approved for a study abroad program is the challenging part of start studying abroad, for most students, it is not over, after this they have to deal with complicated study visa application process.

All international students do not need a study visa for example European students who need to study in another European country but for those who need one have to start their visa application process soon. In the following way, you can learn to start your visa application by keeping essential information about student visa pre-requisites.

You should start your student visa application to get it done before leaving your residential country. In some cases, the process takes around 6 months or more for incomplete information. So you should start the process a long time before.

Visit immigration department or consultant to collect information for study visa in destination country. You will get the whole essential information about visa application, required forms, documents and others. If you find it hard to follow the instructions, get help of a immigration consultant.

For any questions about the visa type you should get or other questions such as benefits of studying abroad, you can ask for assistance from the university you are planning to join. Many universities offer essential help to international students in the process. In some cases, you can even submit visa application through university which means that university does that hectic visa application submission work for you. To find possible case, you can get in touch of international admission department of institutes and ask about the desired help with your application.

For the maximum chance of success you should fill up the application form as much as possible considering the whole student visa requirements in that country. If you fail to do so or fill in wrong information, your application will be delayed or even rejected.

After sending the application, get ready to quickly answer the questions asked by visa authorities through phone, email or posts. Spare some time to attend an interview in a short while.

Face to face interview conducted in your home country is a common process for student visa requirements that is conducted to ensure that you seriously want to student abroad and to evaluate your honesty with your application. While preparing for the interview, keep the following documents with you:

Fund proof for your stay: It is needed to show the immigration department that you have sufficient money to complete course and manage living in the destination country.

Acceptance proof of your course: It is usually a letter sent by the university

Passport: Keep the valid passport that is a way to move in and out of country so handle it safely. While submitting application for student visa, you should keep in mind the length of your course. Usually if your course is of less than 6 months, you will get a shorter stay visa and for very short study courses you may only require a regular tourist visa or no visa.

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