Pre-requisites for student visa in foreign countries

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May 25, 2017
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May 25, 2017

Pre-requisites for student visa in foreign countries

As clear from its name, these visas are issued to applicants who want to move abroad for further study. To get admission in the university, you need the legal documents in the way for all your searches. Every country has its specific immigration laws and regulations that may vary depending on the documents required for fund proof to all the visas that would let you do apart from studying in the country. Additionally there are several commonalities that are feasible in every student visa application.

Types of student visa

Depending on Program’s length: Considering the length of your course, a student wants to pursue, the countries usually categorize the student visa in Short Term Student Visas and Long Term Student Visas. The short term visas are issued to candidates who are choosing short courses such as language or diploma course of length 90 days. On the other hand, long term visas are for students who are choosing degree courses of length more than 90 days such as certificate programs of six months to three to four years.

Depending on Program Type: Another type of student visa is based on degree level such as undergraduate, graduate or doctoral, vocational or diploma course. These visa types are also based on course type of student that are related to the course length. Although in these visa types, the basic point of difference is not the program length. If you assume an exchange student that would be continued for three months to three years, the type would again be based on the student type instead course length.

Documents needed for student visa

A list of documents required for student visa may vary depending on the country in which you want to pursue study. Following are the certain documents that are needed in all types of student visa applications in all countries:

a. Valid Passport: It is a key requirement. In addition of having a valid passport, you should know about the validity of your visa in the countries and validation requirements. For example in few countries you might need to have visa validation till the course end. Whilst few on the other hand might allow you to apply while ask you to get validity more than the required stay in the country.
b. Bonafide Student Proof: Irrespective of the country you have applied to, if you have applied for any type of student visa, you have to prove yourself a bonafide student which is done by creating confirmation of admission in an educational institute in the target country.
c. Financial Proof: You have to prove that you can manage the college and accommodation charges.
d. Language knowledge: You need to show the proof that you can communicate in a language of the country that you have selected for further education. If you are planning to study in an English speaking country, you would have to show a proof of your communication ability in English both in written and verbal. So you can get student visa in the intended country easily.

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